“Every great design begins with an even better story.”-Lorinda Mamo

I didn’t have a background as a graphic designer. I worked as an IT but I have a know-how around tools and software. I created this blog to share about my stories and ideas, including Print-on-Demand. I want to document my journey thru this blog and share with you whatever I learn in the process.

If you are already on the Print-on-Demand business , I would happy to know more about your experience. Kindly follow my social links below and connect with me!

Rowena Joy Perez Kiiski

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My Story

The story behind StateIt Tee on Redbubble, my Print-on-Demand business. I don’t consider myself as an artist. Maybe not just yet… My story began when everything started crashing. Just before the pandemic, I traveled abroad for a change,took a course and lived as a freelancer. So here it goes… I was the typical IT guy … Continue reading My Story

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