My Story

The story behind StateIt Tee on Redbubble, my Print-on-Demand business.

I don’t consider myself as an artist. Maybe not just yet… My story began when everything started crashing. Just before the pandemic, I traveled abroad for a change,took a course and lived as a freelancer.

So here it goes…

I was the typical IT guy for a couple of years for a startup company. It was a safe job, I found a lot of time in my hands and the pay was decent to pay the bills and then leave some money for leisure. The supervisor doesn’t need to tell us what to do, we could sit down, play or watch movies and work when a monitor alert us. After fixing a bug, we could just sit back again.

However I lost human touch. My working hours are irregular.We are working when everyone’s home, on weekends, holidays and wee hours. We are often left at work alone.

Marina Bay Laser and Light Show taken with my Nikon D3200 camera

Getting to Singapore, a new chapter.

I started getting calls for interviews.At one point, I booked a ticket and packed my stuff. For so long, I was wondering why I have remained in my comfort zone. I attended interviews here and there but I learned that there were foreign quota requirements which made it extremely hard for foreigners to get hired in city state country.

Afterward, I opted for a course that comes with paid internship. Along with the studies, I started freelancing and part-time jobs. That was how I got introduced to several freelancing gigs available out there. For someone who has been working full time for several years, this was something new.

After almost a year in Singapore, I decided to get home to be with my loved ones.I accepted the fact that Singapore wasn’t for me.Me and my partner have decided to be together in Finland.He needed to flew back ,then the lock down happened. Our travel plans got canceled and processing visa isn’t possible with the border shutting down everywhere.

Thru youtube, I discovered that you could actually sell artwork. I wasn’t good at drawing, not even a decent doodle. I didn’t have a background as a graphic designer. I worked as an IT but I know a lot about tools and software. I started teaching myself how to make art with the use of the software. Now I’m using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Affinity Designer. Art eventually became my outlet. 

My first very output using a design software

This was the first artwork I made published on this Redbubble shop. It doesn’t look like a creation from someone of adult age but it looks like childish scribbles after all. But hell yeah, I was proud of this. My first masterpiece!

My artwork has been slowly improving bit by bit. I had been continuously studying artworks posted in Behance and Pinterest. I didn’t know I had a hidden talent in art. ( wink*) I took Engineering in college, my art and drawing classes had failed miserably. I often got the lowest marks. Art creation can be learned after all. I’m still lacking in many ways, but eventually, it can be improved.

And the good news? Yes, I made my sale.

I created this blog to write articles regarding my ideas and thoughts on the Print-on-Demand business and stuff. Thank you for reading! I hoped you enjoyed my story. Please support my shop and check my artworks, click on the “Shop” button to check out my works.

Thank you for reading!

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